Dry Bath Incubator
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* Microprocessor controller with digital display
* Temp. Range : RT+5 --150

* Temp. Increase: 0.1

* Temp. Uniformity : ± 0.2

* Temp. Accuracy : ± 0.2

* Single and Dual block models
* Optional external temperature probe is available
* RS232 port available
Product----Cat. No.
Dry bath incubator (single block)----DBI-S1
Dry bath incubator (Dual block)----DBI-D1
Block for 1.5 or 2.0ml x 20wells (Opposite side for 0.5ml x 30wells)----B1505
Block for 0.5ml x 12wells + 1.5/2.0ml x 12wells----B0515
Block for 0.2ml x64wells (or 0.2ml PCR strip x 8 wells x 8)----B02
Block for 0.5ml x 20wells----B05ML
Block for 1.5ml x 20wells----B15
Block for tube size 10mm x 20wells----B10MM
Block for tube size 13mm x 20wells----B13MM
Block for tube size 20mm x 12wells----B20MM
Block for 15ml x 12wells----B15ML
Block for 50ml x 4wells----B50
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