LabPower Incinerator/Sterilizer
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* Sterilization is accomplished through infrared heat, a flameless sterilizer for use with inoculating loops / needles etc.
* Safe and Convenient, Eliminates micro-organism spattering
* Full metal housing, stainless steel shell for heating element, anti-corrosion and more durable
* Optimal fixed angle for heating element, no need for any adjustment
* Perfect for use in laminar flow hoods and anaerobic chambers
* Integrated alloy base with special streamline design, easy cleaning
* Multiple colour options and six jacks on the rear base for inoculation loops
* Maximum temperature is 830℃, only few seconds for the sterilization
Product----Cat. No.
LabPower laboratory sterilizer----LP-I
LabPower laboratory sterilizer----LP-II
Heating element----LP HE-I
Heating element----LP HE-II
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