PC Anaerobic Jar
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ThPC(polycarbonate) anaerobic jars are perfect for culturing anaerobes and micro aerobes in any lab. These jars can be used together with anaerobic pouches or with evacuation and replacement method.

* Excellent airtight performance, avoiding any undue leakage
* PC material, extremely smooth surface, shock and impact resistant
* High temperature resistant: up to 130

* Jar and lid are both transparent, sealing between lid and jar consists of an excellent quality silicon ring
* Strong jar-lid-clamp construction, guarantee the overall airtight performance
* Coloured stainless steel clamp with powder electrostatic painting, durable and convenient for experimental management
* Adopting quick snap-shut coupling, enabling quick connection to the pump in one swift move

Product ----Cat. No.
PC Anaerobic Jar (2.5L) ----HP025PC

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