LabJar Anaerobic System
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The LabJar system is an automated system, which creates in a few minutes, an anaerobic, micro-aerophilic, capnophilic or user-defined atmosphere in an anaerobic jar. The condition is created automatically by evacuating a jar and filling it again with gas supply.
* Quick achievement of conditions: Anaerobic in 2 min, Micro-aerophilic in 1 min
* Reliable, full reproducibility
* Low cost, high performance, no maintenance
Product ----Cat. No.
LabJar anaerobic/ microaerophylic system----LABJAR-S
1 cycle for gas evacuation and replacement:About 50s
Dimensions(LxWxH): 54x26x35cm
Weight: 14kg
Power: 220V, 50Hz / 220W
Anaerobic jar----HP015
Anaerobic jar----HP025
Anaerobic jar----HP035
Reducing valves for gas cylinder----AB1/AB2
Gas-connection tube----ACTB
Jar-connection tube----JCTB
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